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I am relocating to Chennai and trying to find a simple good place to live..
07.26.08 (11:35 am)   [edit]
I am getting very good career opportunities from the capital of the state. Yes, I am relocating to Chennai. I am looking for a place to live. A place which is simple, good and safe. I am looking in T Nagar, Saidapet, Kodambakkam, Anna nagar and nearby areas.

I am moving to Chennai between 15-25th August. It is a confirmed decision. I need to support my causes and can not depend on people always. My Sahodari Foundation should function in a big office at Pollachi and I need finance for that purpose. My move to Chennai is actually to a step to strengthen my Foundation's presence in Pollachi.

Besides that, I have some excellent ideas for the welfare of the Transgenders of Tamilnadu. For making my dreams into realities, I am joining hands with my buddy Rose.

Dudes, If you know a place which you think is good for me please let me know. I am willing to share space with a good person. Also am looking to be a paying guest. Help me dudes, to find a place. If you do have something in mind write to me at: aurokalki (at) gmail.com

I will be the Model for a cause..
07.16.08 (9:57 am)   [edit]
My friends tell me that I look good in a saree and I should send my portfolio to modeling agencies. If I get opportunities from the fashion and modelling industry, I will definitely accept it. But for a cause. Sixty percent of my earnings out of my modeling assignments I will use for the empowerment projects of Sahodari Foundation. I think such exposures about Transwomen in the visual media would do good for others. But beauty shouldn't be the criteria for measuring up success. It should be skills, talent and intelligence.

Most Transwomen are still masculine and people harass them bsed on their looks. This discrimination is horrible.I had education and a well paid job, so I was able to do what I want. To remain with that masculinity or to become completely feminine is their choice but my point is, they shouldn't be suffering in the hands of society because of their looks. When will the society start to look at a person's inside? When will they stop measuring people just on their looks alone? My beauty, my talent, and everything that comes to me is God's and my parent's gift to me. That gift should pass on to people who don't have it. Economic wellness and education can bring great change in the Transcommunity. That would put them on the pedastal.

A call for goverment action - An action as a Soluton!
07.07.08 (8:17 am)   [edit]
In the Transgendered community, there are hundreds of Transpeople who are feminine but not necessarily womanly looking. These individuals are the most harassed, verbally and physically abused people in the society. While the beautiful ones escape in most situations, the different looking Transpeople suffer wherever they go. In India, a single transperson avoids traveling alone mostly. The only reason is to escape horrific experiences and nightmares. At the hands of public, these transpeople are subject to harassment, verbal and physical abuse. Many transwomen, when alone, have been kidnapped and raped. In Tamilnadu, many police personnel are friendly to Transwomen after attending the State's advocacy programmes. What about the situation in other states? Unimaginable horror. No safe life for a lonely Transwoman. That is the reason most Transwomen go out in groups to avoid such experiences.

Like every other citizen of this country, these Transwomen need to have rights, need to live dignified lives. The state and central governments should be clever enough to turn this problem into a solution. It is the governments' duty. Here is a solution.

With their physical strength and bold nature, these Transwomen are the best choice for India's safety and security. They are perfectly fit for the country's Police and Military jobs. They are intelligent. They are not handicapped by being able to think only like a man or a woman. They think like both the sexes. They possess the strength of both. They are perfect as Spys, Investigative officers, Commandos, Bodyguards, Trainers as well as fit in all the highest rankings in both the Police and Military. With training and experience, they will be the best.

Hello, Are the governments listening?

The possibility of death
07.05.08 (8:37 pm)   [edit]
Till the end of my life, I will have to give all my energy and fight and win all the civil, legal and other rights for the gender variant people of this country including the transgenders. Sometimes in this tough journey, I might even face death (Rose and I were discussing about the possibility of that the other night) and I am ready to die for it. Bravely.

So is Rose too.

We won't run away like cowards. Never. I have gone through everything and dying for a cause will only be a courageous thing to do.

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