An open letter from Kalki

From Kalki’s Music Project – Liberation Arts Troupe (விடுதலை கலைக்குழு)

Dear friends,

I have formed one-of-a-kind arts troupe called Viduthalai Kalai Kuzhu (Liberation Arts Troupe). Twenty five underprivileged transgender women who have great interest in music,

dance and theatre have been chosen to be a part of this troupe. All of these women come from a very poor background. Most of them are still into begging and sex work. These are women who want to change their lives and the lives of others for good.

These 25 women will undergo training in Tamil folk music, dance and theatre along with African and South American tribal aboriginal music. The teachers who would train them are some of the best sound and music gurus from India, Europe, Africa, USA and other parts of the world. This has been possible through my friends in Auroville. After an intensive training, the troupe will perform at events in different parts of the country. We already have invitations to perform in different mega events. This project will not only provide careers for transwomen but also bring them respect as artists. This will change their lives and open them a new world of opportunities and possibilities.

Our music troupe will not play any electronic instruments. We play only wooden, bamboo, clay and stone instruments. The ministry of Social Welfare of Tamilnadu has encouraged us by donating 15

Thappu drums worth Rs.25,000. However, we need the following 20 more musical instruments:

Bamboo shakers(2)
Full set of body and dance rattles (10 sets)
Palmyra nut shaker(1 set)
Bamboo bongos(1)
Bamboo scraper(2)
Overtone bamboo flute(2)
Overtone copper flute(1)
Ocean drum (2)

We also are in need of:
1. Venue for practice in Chennai
2. Sponsorship for training (food, travel costs and other expenses of the students and the honorarium for the music gurus)

My dear friends, I request you all to help and support me to make this initiative a success. This project will change 25 people’s lives and inspire hundreds of transwomen to follow these 25 role models.

You can sponsor any number of instruments or if you have a space for practice, let me know. The sponsorships for all the above requirements will bring media’s attention and good will for the sponsor.

With lots of Love,

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